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Bill Jenkins 03.


Bill Jenkins was too young to go to war without parental permission, which his father Robert gave, much against Bill's mother Annie’s wishes. Bill was killed in action on April 5, 1918, seven months before the war ended.

Bill chronicled his experience of the war in letters he sent to his family.

Bill's March 14, 1916 letter, from Featherston camp, a military training base during WW1, is transcribed below.




Dear Mother and Father

Just a line in answer to your letter I received the other day. I am on sick parade today but I have only got a bit of a cold and will be alright tomorrow. Well mum we are leaving for Featherston on Friday and I wish we could stop here as it is a much better place. I would like to know who told you that there is better food in Featherston than in here for it is not right you have to fight for your meals up there and if you are not a good fighter you will have to go without.

I got the photo and I wondered who could have sent me a photo and when I opened it I got a shock to see my own self. Has Dad finished his contract yet and is he making good money at it. I hope he is. I went to town last Sunday and went out to Lyall Bay in the tram and had a very decent time. The next letter you write you want to put Featherston instead of Trentham. We are having good weather here, have not had a wet day yet, and are just about out of water. There is only abut six inches in the reservoir. I think I will ring off now with best love from Bill.

Bill Jenkins 03

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