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Bill Jenkins 49.


Bill Jenkins was too young to go to war without parental permission, which his father Robert gave, much against Bill's mother Annie’s wishes. Bill was killed in action on April 5, 1918, seven months before the war ended.

Bill chronicled his experience of the war in letters he sent to his family.

Bill's September 15, 1917 letter is transcribed below.



15th Sept., 17

Dear Mother & Father,

Just a few lines in answer to your most welcome letter I received yesterday & was very pleased to hear from you and to know you are all keeping well same as leaves myself at present.

I had a letter from Ted today and he is doing alright again now, he was up before a board of doctors a few days back and was marked active, so he will be up her shortly.

We have been having a very good time here lately but I think we have come to the end of our tether again so might strike something hot soon.

I have been helping the cockies to get in their crops & it is great sport working with the little French tarts they are sad affairs I can tell you. I saw Joe Kenny a few days agao & he is in his glory working on the farms.

We had a letter from Charlie Leach & he is doing alright again now he is up and walking about now so he will be having a good time. What is dad doing now is he still working at the water works, it is not a bad job. I say what is this gag you have got about them showing us boys on the big screen at the pictures & where in the name of goodness did you they get my photo from I hope you never gave it too them for it don’t suit me to be struck up in a picture show.

Old Watty will do it hard if he has to get out of the pub it will do him good if he has to do a bit of work for a living it will take some of the gut off him.

What do you want to know if I am in any of the big battles for all you want to know is that I am well & having a good time.

Well Dear Parents I will bring this scrawl to a close now with fondest love from your

Loving Son,



Bill Jenkins 49

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