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Bill Jenkins 46.


Bill Jenkins was too young to go to war without parental permission, which his father Robert gave, much against Bill's mother Annie’s wishes. Bill was killed in action on April 5, 1918, seven months before the war ended.

Bill chronicled his experience of the war in letters he sent to his family.

Bill's August 8, 1917 letter is transcribed below.




Dear Mag,

Just a few lines in answer to your most welcome letters I received a few days ago was pleased to know you are quite well as same leaves me at present. How is Saidy & all the Kiddies getting on I hope they are well I am having a day writing now for it is ages since I wrote any letters now.I had a letter from Ted a few days ago & he is alright I don’t think he will get up here for some time yet so he will be set for winter, much better where he is than up here in the wet old trenches.

I saw Tom Corcoran a few days ago & he is looking well on it. I have been down at the sea side on leave & we had a very good time of it I & wish I was going down again. I don’t think it was Tommie King that got a smack for I seen him after you wrote your letter to me. Well Dear
Mag I will bring this to a close now

With best love

From your loving

Brother Bill

Bill Jenkins 46

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