Bert Henson Diary - 5

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The War Diaries of Bert Henson

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Summary of Diary 5

1917:  This part of the diary is not complete, pages missing and writing illegible.

1917 Jan


On leave in England and Scotland.


Travelled by train from London to Folkston, boarded boat . Rough crossing to Boulogne(France). Billet at Fleurbaix. Enemy shelling at nearby Taranaki billet, several wounded. Snowing and puddles iced over.

1917 Feb


Billet Fleurbaix to Trenches. Two mile tramp to Btn Hdqrs(HO43), my new base. Cold, no fuel for brazier, not many blankets and food scarce. Down trenches. Taranaki (1st) suffered a gas attack.

Gap in entries.

1917 Feb


Trenches (HO42). Our battalion relieved by 1st Wellington. Went to billet in Fleubaix. Appointed to HI13 at QM’s store near BAC-ST MAUR. Warm billet. YMCA and Exped Forces canteen nearby.

Diary entries cease until 11 Nov.

1917 Nov


Left BTN after 2pm. By train to Paris arriving 11-30 am 12th. Proceeded to Hotel “Moderne" and booked into Army and Navy leave club. Had  bath and good dinner. Feeling much better. Resisted subtle advances from local “maidens”

End of entries for 1917

1918 Jan


Grand Crist. Jan 1st. Snow. Am attached to Wireless Sec Y Corps Signals. Left Battalion Xmas eve (1917) and arrived here next day for a course of instruction in spark wireless. Went to Boeschefe to get fuel and rations. Kennedy, a R E chap is our cook. Does very well. Billet in barn is cold, the farmer allows us to go to farm house for coffee and to get warm. Snow is melting leaving ground slushy. Having trouble getting paid and our wireless has crystal problems. Mail from home, a letter and Xmas card. Have been to Boeschefe for a bath.


Bert Henson Diary - 5

Sources:Transcribed by Dion G. Minhinnick