Bert Henson Diary - 7

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The War Diaries of Bert Henson

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Summary of Diary 7

1918 May
Nr Authy.
Relieved by 1/Otago and arrived here from Colins camp yesterday. In a tent camp in the woods. Mr Lockie is away sick and has been replaced by Lt. Bendon. Have had a gas lecture. The battalion has carried out a practice counter attack.

1918 June
Nr Louvencourt.
Our bombing planes busy. Have seen Major Hume re training syllabus. Parcels arrived from Wellington Citizens Gift Fund. Ted and I went into Louvencourt for a hot shower and a change of underwear. Signallers busy laying cables.

Nr Authie.
Marched over here before dinner. Received a letter from Nelly (sister). Our guns busy. Bagly and I went to Pas today; came across an old fellow who is paralysed. He was unable to get away so was left behind. Very sad. Mail from home. Training new signallers. Finding men over 30 are hard to train in Morse Code.

Authie to Henu. Marched here (about 6 km) and once again in a tent. The Hun bombers very busy. Not much going on. Practising wearing respirators.

Henu to Vauchelles.
Marched in easy stages to new camp. Accommadation is in Nissen huts. Have had typhoid inoculation, feeling a bit “off”. Not much to do at the moment. Have done some Helio (mirror signalling) practise. Have been into Doullens for a visit. Saw Americans, Tommies, Aussies, Canadians, Indians and Jamacians. Mr Massey and Sir J G Ward at church parade this Sunday.

1918 July
Vanchelles to Gommecourt.
By lorry to Couin then marched to Gommecourt. Took over from 2nd 4th Lancs. Remains of Hun trenches here. Linemen fixing up phone lines. Spanish fever is rife, has put a lot of our chaps in hospital.

Gommecourt to Sailly-au Bois. We are accommodated here in deep dugouts (old chalk mines) 75ft under-ground. Huns are dropping incendiary bombs then the planes drop down low and fire at those putting the fires out. On leave from the 16th.

Pages blank for the rest of July.

1918 Aug
England, on leave.

London to Boulogne.
Woke 5.15am, by train to Kolkstone, boarded boat, good trip to Boulogne; arrived 5.30pm.

Boulogne to Orville to Couin.
By train and lorry to Orville. One night there then onto Couin. Mail from home.

Bert Henson Diary - 7

Sources:Transcribed by Dion G. Minhinnick