Bert Henson Diary - 9

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The War Diaries of Bert Henson

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Summary of Diary 9

1918  Nov
Solid bombardments forward of here. All signallers being trained together. Turkey and Austria-Hungary have signed an armistice. German fleet to capitulate to the British at the port of Heligoland. Have been exposed to the flu—am in isolation.
Beauvois to Villereau.    
Left Beauvois at 9-30am, arrived Villereau 7-00pm. Have heard that 8 Hun plenipotentiaries are in Paris to sign the terms of armistice. Internal trouble in Germany and a revolt in their navy. Major McKinnon and Lt Burrell have been killed.
Left Villereau at 1pm, marched and arrived at Solesmes at 8pm. The French people are very welcoming. The Hun have until 11am tomorrow to sign terms of the armistice.
Solesmes to Beavois. 
Arrived here at 1-30pm. The Huns have signed the armistice. Hostilities ceased today at 11am.
Hard to believe war is over. The IV corp to be the army of occupation, we are included. Weather cold and frosty. Civilians returning to their old homes. Have seen repatriated French and British  prisoners. Poor chaps bear signs of much privation.
1918  Nov/Dec
29 Nov/31 Dec     
This part of the diary records moving from Beauvois (Northern France) to Langenfeld (Western Germany).

Marching about 12km daily for 2 day and a day of rest. Some but not much of the trip was by train.  Bert notes the condition of towns passed through; some almost untouched and others in ruins. Most of the people are friendly, French and Germans. On rest days Bert and friends get in some sightseeing. Parcels from home recieved on march. After the 16th day they receive a change of underwear. Came across 200 Russian ex prisoners of war heading home. Crossed from France into Germany Sat 21 Dec at 11-25pm. Orders forbid fraternisation with the locals. Arrived Langenfeld 22 Dec. Xmas dinner; soup, roast beef, potatoes, cabbage and plum pudding. Some help from locals. Our chaps danced with the local girls — makes one think. Generous leave granted. New Years Eve a band played for a dance.

Bert Henson Diary - 9

Sources:Transcribed by Dion G. Minhinnick