Bert Henson Diary - 10

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The War Diaries of Bert Henson

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Summary of Diary 10

1919  Jan
New Years Day broke bright and fine; An omen? Visited the house where Beethoven was born. A draft of 70 has left today for NZ. Not much to do here.

Langenfeld to Belgium. 
I’m on my way home. The next 3 days gives details of the train journey to Le Havre.

Le Havre to Channel. Marched to boat - very crowded. Uncomfortable trip to Weymouth.

Sling Camp (England). Arrived at camp 20th. Fed up with camp life.
Diary ceases until March 28th.
1919  Mar/April
Up at 1am, had breakfast then marched to Amesbury Station. By train to the docks arriving at 2pm. Boarded boat. Our hammocks are suspended from the ceiling. Cleared the Mersey bar to sea about 6pm. The YMCA has a library on board. Life on ship is monotonous. April 2nd had a surprise — cousin Bert is aboard. Wed 9th dropped anchor in Chesapeake Bay (Canada) opp Newport News coaling station. Alongside by 6pm.
The Diary finishes at this point.

Bert Henson Diary - 10

Sources:Transcribed by Dion G. Minhinnick