Madge Morris and Rona Fletcher Interview 1991 B2

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An Interview with Mrs Madge Morris and Miss Rona Fletcher,  13 November 1991.
Madge Morris and Rona Fletcher are both descendants of Reverend Henry James Fletcher.
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Why were there so few animals here?

Well, anyone who kept dogs and the Ryans were one of  them, I was terrified of dogs when I was a little girl, food was very difficult to get. You see our meat in those days came through by service car from Napier and often it wasn’t fit to eat by the time it got here. We had loads of fish of course. You could always go and get fish and there were plenty of hares and rabbit and birds. There were a few, what were the birds they used to......


Quail, yes, until they stopped getting those.

Course he Maori you see had the pigeons, but the Parkeha were not allowed to shoot those. Food you see, meat was difficult, course there were no farms around like there are now so all the meat had to come over from Rotorua or Napier.

Cattle had trouble surviving because of the lack of Cobalt and the sheep were just not here because the pastures were not developed. How about pigs?

The Maori managed to have them and of course there were lots of wild pigs, especially around the lake. There were lots of wild pigs they used to shoot. Later on someone had an abattoir ,near the golf course-up that way somewhere and they used to get cattle in and kill it there and then sell the meat.

No Refrigeration?

Oh no,before electricity there were kerosene fridges, so Freda had one when she was living in Rawhiti St, yes..

So your Mother had three children, Waverly was it?

No Hunterville.

Then the rest of you were born here without any medical intervention.

Hillary had Mrs Ryan. Mrs Ryan was marvellous , she was a Maori, no part Maori (she was ?? daughter you see) . She and Mother were great friends. There was Edna and Tommy of course, we were all brought up together. For the rest of us then we had a nurse Blackie didn’t we? She was appointed here before we ever got a Doctor and we had a Mr Prim, a chemist.

Oh you go back to his day?

Yes, he was marvellous . Dad used to help him. There wasn’t much Dad didn’t know about First Aid. He always used to get Dad to help him with anything difficult.

Did he help at your delivery?

Well, evidentially.


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Madge Morris and Rona Fletcher Interview 1991 B2

Interviewer:Dr. AR (Tangi) Martin
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