Madge Morris and Rona Fletcher Interview 1991 A3

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An Interview with Mrs Madge Morris and Miss Rona Fletcher,  13 November 1991.

Madge Morris and Rona Fletcher are both descendants of Reverend Henry James Fletcher.

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Transcription (not verbatim)

Before the church was put up here, did your father travel round to the various spots?

Yes, mostly to the pas. So he went out to Wairakei. He used to take services out at Wairakei and of course Oruanui and Mokai were quite big centres, you know, and he used to go out there and take services.

How did he travel?

By foot if he had nothing else. In the early days he had to go by foot. He got a bicycle eventually, they had a horse and trap which was mother's horse but you see there was no food for the horse. They couldn’t afford to buy oats and things for it, so they only had it for short periods. Mother’s horse of course and her home was in Hunterville and someone would bring the horse through and have it for short periods, but then he had a bicycle and then he had a motorbike with a sidecar and in 1921 he bought a car.Ford T. 

Where did you get the materials from to build a church?

Oh, I think it was Palmer’s Mill, they had a mill out at Oruanui, I think. 

Palmer Mill Road?

No that’s just named after....

The mill was at Oruanui?

The mill was at Oruanui.

And how about all the fittings and things, did they come from Napier or somewhere?

Well, they could have come down..... you see Putaruru was established and there used to be a railway running from Putaruru to Mokai wasn’t there Rona? And of course that was all to do with milling but apart from that it would have to be conveyed through from Rotorua or Putaruru or Napier.

Did the family take any part in helping with the church in the actual building?

No, it was Dad and two Maori boys.

And how about the furniture, you know, the alter and the pulpit and so  forth.

Dad might have made those, I'm not sure. Now that’s something no one’s ever asked us, about the fittings. Because he was very handy, he was a good carpenter and knew what he was doing. No, I’m not so sure about that. I think they must have got those made, somebody had made those. I don’t think there was anyone in Taupo itself who was capable of doing that at that time.




Madge Morris and Rona Fletcher Interview 1991 A3

Interviewer:Dr. AR (Tangi) Martin
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