In 1859, Dr. F.R. von Hochstetter described the Taupo District as "The Remotest Interior" (1).

It was still remote in 1914 when World War 1 began, yet many men from the Taupo District went to fight and some never returned (2).

In commemoration of 100 years since World War one, this project, The Home Front, aims to show what these men left behind, who lived in the Taupo District, who visited and what life was like here in the years of the Great War.

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 More than a rank. More than a photograph. Who were they?

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Those soldiers that fought in World War 1 with a connection to the Taupo District upon whom further information can be found are listed below. Click on their names for more information.









WW1 Soldiers born in the Taupo District 

DUFF, Matene Rangiamohia

PAURINI, James Waru

GRACE, Edward Mawake

TE WHARE, Taiawhiao

GRACE, Thomas Marshall Percy 


MANGAROA, Ngare William



WW1 Soldiers who are buried in the Taupo District

KEEN, Henry

 MACDONELL, Robert James (Dick)


About Our WW1 Soldiers Project

The Lake Taupo Genealogy group are undertaking a large research project tracing soldiers who fought in World War 1 with links to the Taupo District and telling their stories.

If you have any information about your family member who fought in World War 1 or if you want help researching a family member who was a World War 1 soldier, please contact the Lake Taupo Genealogy Group.


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Around New Zealand, there are many other commemorative projects. To find out more visit WW100.

Our WW1 Stories

Sources:(1). Cooper, Barbara. (1989). The Remotest interior. Tauranga, N.Z.: Moana Press, p.5; (2). Greenfield, John. (1996). From dust and ashes: a dynamic community: a history of the Taupo District. [Taupo, N.Z.], p.1.

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