Welcome to the Learning Basket where you can feel free to practice adding and editing items.

Register on Kete, and then join this basket so that you can have a go!

You can add items straight into the main Kete site or the appropriate basket.

However, if you want to have a try first, you can use the Learning Basket as a practice space.


How to use this space

This basket has open membership. Register on Kete, and then join this basket.

Create topics and upload images, video, documents and audio. Use the Help basket to find how to guides.
Feel free to make mistakes, and make a mess. We'll clean it up.

If you want to trial a topic, make it here. You can shift it to another basket later (and we can help you if you need assistance).

We may see topics and items which are suitable for the main site or for another basket and we will shift them there (contact the administrator if you need help).


Looking for a place to start?

Give these activities a go:

    1. Register
    2. Look at your profile
    3. Join the Learning basket
    4. Create a topic (Add item - topic)
    5. Add an image (Add item - image)
    6. Link the topic and the image
    7. Add an image to a topic
    8. Add tags
    9. Add a different type of topic (E.g. person, service personnel or place) and fill in the extended fields.
    10. Find a record (See the guide on Finding Things)
    11. Edit a record
    12. Look at the history of a record
    13. Discuss


Test topics and items will be cleared out periodically. Please include the word "test" or "testing" in your tags on your topics and items and somewhere in your short summary.

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