Kete Taupo is your online knowledge basket of topics, images, audio, video, web links, documents, and discussion which are collected and catalogued by you, the Taupo District community.

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Kete Taupo

Kete is a community-built, digital library of arts, local, cultural and heritage resources and knowledge. It contains material from public and private collections and promotes and supports the creation and sharing of everyday cultural and heritage content. Kete is a unique local resource built by the collaborative efforts of a community.

Kete aims to get privately owned papers and photographs out from under beds and sitting alongside public archive and photograph collections. Kete offers local communities the opportunity to capture contemporary and heritage memories and stories, supports historical and local clubs and societies to share their material in an online forum, and is a community space to celebrate who we are, how we live and what we do, through photographs, video, audio footage and stories.

What we want is a vibrant and lively community of Kete users adding value to the site: joining together related photographs and clips and documents by writing and submitting an article or story; a story that others can add their own memories and knowledge to as well.

Kete Taupo is supported by the Aotearoa Peoples Network KaharoaTaupo District Libraries and Taupo Museum.

About the Kete Project

This site is run on Kete open source software. Kete was developed by Horowhenua Library Trust and Katipo Communications Ltd. to build a digital library of Horowhenua material: Kete Horowhenua. is the home of the Kete software community; for those that are using Kete, thinking about using it, or just interested in knowing more.